ANTT® Product Evaluation Programme (PEP)

Evaluating medical products for synergy and support of best practice with ANTT

“Using a standard as widely recognised as ANTT helps our teams provide product training that supports adherence to best practice, with a common language and methodology that is widely recognised and understood by the clinical staff we train”. Simon Noble-Clarke BD Marketing Director UK

ANTT® is the de facto standard for aseptic technique internationally. We provide a process for industry to have medical products evaluated by us and officially link products to ANTT®. Ultimately, this helps us achieve our mission of improving standards of aseptic technique and patient safety. It enables us to advise manufacturers on product design, education and instructional literature, helping ensure good products are integrated effectively with best practice ANTT® to support end users and ultimately help improve patient outcomes.

Does the ASAP/ANTT profit financially from sales of the medical products it evaluates?

No. Our satisfaction comes from supporting good products to be used as intended for the benefit of patients. 

What are the benefits for manufacturers?

Many manufacturers make great and novel medical products but are often frustrated by their poor utilisation in practice due to poor understanding of aseptic technique and consequently sub standard clinical practice.

Aligning products with the international standard, ANTT, in way of product education and instruction, helps improves correct product utilisation. 

What are the benefits for practitioners?

Practitioners and procurement officers are assured when products have been evaluated by The-ASAP to demonstrate synergy with ANTT principles and practice.

Practitioners familiar with ANTT,  identify with the more meaningful product education and instruction using the universal ANTT practice language. 

What are the benefits for patients?

Patients benefit when practitioners are practicing in harmony with the medical products they use. Similarly, patients and their families are increasingly being educated to perform self care at home. When trained in ANTT principles patients will be assured by product instruction using the same practice language.

We are currently developing our resources to support patient focussed ANTT education and training. Watch the space in our patient section for developments in progress. 

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