The international standard for safe aseptic technique

Welcome to the official home of ANTT® We hope you find our new website useful. The Association for Safe Aseptic Practice’s provides this site to support practitioners, healthcare organisations, industry and patients in the education and clinical practice of ANTT®, the worlds most commonly used aseptic technique.

Here, you can find out more about ANTT as a fast developing global standard for safe aseptic technique, what it is, how it works, how you can implement it in your organisation, what help we provide, how to protect ANTT for the benefit of patients….and more.

ANTT® is a global collaboration. If you would like to have you or your team featured working clinically, please email us a photo for the slideshow on the right! 

! The ANTT® International Conference !

We are back! and can’t wait to have our first major conference in 2 years. It will be face to face, and live streamed, meaning we look forward to a UK and international audience. Places at the London venue will be limited to ensure sensible spacing, so book early not to be disappointed!

October 15th London - Cavendish Conference Centre

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Infusion Standards 2021

ANTT has been included as a Clinical Standard for aseptic technique in the 2021 edition of the INS Infusion Standards!   

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We are back! The UK National Conference is

coming in October

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The Romania Government adopts ANTT at a national level

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AVA Association of Vascular Access endorses and recommends ANTT

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Publication: ANTT prevalence in the UK’s National Health Service

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Coming soon - New ANTT resources to support patient education

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‘DRIPP’ - A collaboration with BD and Specialist Organisations to help improve standards of care for intravenous and urinary catheter devices. 

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