Why is ANTT trademarked?

Given ANTT is used so widely its clear that the Trademark isn’t intended to stop ANTT being utilised! It is there to prevent commercial exploitation. More importantly, it helps protect the integrity of the ANTT Clinical Practice Framework and serves as a reminder to healthcare professionals and organisation using ANTT, that its practice terms and intellectual property must not be modified to personal taste. If we allowed this, ANTT would very simply become yet another variable, generic and ambiguous term for aseptic technique. Ultimately, protecting the integrity of ANTT, helps protect patients, and maintains it as a useful and important tool for healthcare workers.

Terms & conditions

Feel welcome to use our Intellectual property©

Aseptic Non Touch Technique - ANTT® - can be used freely by practicing healthcare professions and health care organizations, as long the principles of the ANTT Clinical Practice Framework are not altered and its unique practice terms are used accurately. ANTT’s intellectual property remains the property of www.antt.org in accordance with UK and international law. 

What can you use ANTT for?

You do NOT require our permission to use ANTT for its intended purpose of clinical practice, education and research. You do need our permission to associate ANTT commercially. The only educational resources we restrict is the local development of ANTT titled and dedicated e-Learning courses. e-Courses that are not titled and dedicated solely to ANTT, such as say the ‘How to Cannulate Course’ are of course encouraged to use ANTT within the course content to describe the relevant aseptic aspects of practice. It’s just a question of balance, and if in doubt, we are always happy to advise so do please get in touch