What we do

The Association for Safe Aseptic Practice (ASAP) works to improve standards and effectiveness of aseptic technique in clinical practice. Its founder, Stephen Rowley,  originated Aseptic Non Touch Technique (ANTT), and the Association now oversees the ongoing development and dissemination of ANTT globally  

Our Aim

Ineffective standards of aseptic technique are a significant cause of preventable healthcare acquired infection (HAI). The Association for Safe Aseptic Practice (ASAP) works to improve standards of aseptic technique in clinical practice. It achieves this by overseeing the ongoing development and dissemination of Aseptic Non Touch Technique (ANTT), a unique, standardized approach to aseptic practice that has been shown to support the reduction of healthcare acquired infection. As a result, ANTT has become the de facto national standard aseptic technique in England, Australia and Wales and is now used in over 30 countries and is rapidly expanding. 

Our Work

The Association supports patient safety through ANTT® education, training, clinical practice, research, quality assurance and advising industry.  We are based in the UK and work internationally through a global network of committed professionals.

Clinical Practice

Education & Training


Quality Assurance

Industry Support

About us

The Association for Safe Aseptic Practice is a non profit clinical organisation run by clinicians to support clinicians to provide effective aseptic technique to patients. Donors wishing to support the ongoing development & dissemination of ANTT may support this work through The ANTT Fund, UCLH Charity, registered charity number 1165398 via: enquiries @antt.org



Stephen Rowley

Clinical Director - The-ASAP / ANTT

Stephen originated the ANTT Clinical Practice Framework. He now leads the development and dissemination of ANTT, advising and lecturing on ANTT internationally

Simon Clare

R&D Director - The-ASAP / ANTT

Simon is co-author on most ANTT primary ANTT publications. His remit includes ANTT accreditation, research & development and publication

Advisory Panel

Because ANTT is designed for all invasive clinical procedures, in all settings, we have a large voluntary international advisory board of health care experts and patients who we seek advice and collaboration. ANTT wouldn’t be what it is today without their ongoing expertise and help to improve patient safety. Our Advisory Panel includes…

Professor Peter Wilson - Microbiologist UK

Vicky Treacy-Wong - OCA Nursing Lead  Médecins Sans Frontières

Dr Anthony Colantonio - Anaethetist - USA

Michelle DeVries - Epidemiologist - USA

Professor Amanda Ullman - (Avatar) Australia 

Tricia Kleidon - Clinical Researcher, Avatar - Australia

Laura Ludman - Infection Preventionist UK

Martin Kiernon - Infection Preventionist, Gama UK

Susan Maqueen - Infection Preventionist - Past President of IPS UK

Andrew Barton - Central Venous Access Specialist, President NIVAS UK

Liz Simcock - Central Venous Access Specialist - UK

We have a large international membership. These fantastic health care professionals keep us informed of real life practice issues and constantly ask us ANTT questions (which we are addicted too, so don’t stop them coming). We play our part by NOT sharing personal details with any third parties, and by emailing our membership just occasionally with information about ANTT, such as conferences, training days or new guidance. To become an ANTT member simply complete this very short form. 

ANTT® Membership



We are based in London, UK and have an international network. Let’s keep it simple in the first instance, please email us at enquiries@antt.org. We can then happily support you via email, telephone, video-conference or even face to face, remember that?