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On request of, and in collaboration with paramedics and emergency Doctors we have developed Emergency-ANTT. Occasionally, there are medical emergencies involving infection risk to the patient that require IMMEDIATE medical intervention. Such emergencies are more likely to be at the roadside or in military settings than in hospitals.

Such situations demands immediate intervention and where absolutely necessary normal process and order of ANTT might not be possible. Faced with an immediate threat to the patient, the practitioner will address the threat whilst applying ANTT principles and process that are possible in that moment. Once the threat is negated the practitioner will continue instituting more ANTT process in order to minimize ongoing risk of infection.

Even in the most acute situations, a skilled practitioner trained in ANTT will still be able to apply the essential components of ANTT. For example, a paramedic faced with a car crash victim with a significant bleed from a limb, will rapidly open sterile medical supplies and immediately constrict the blood flow to the limb and place a sterile pressure bandage over the bleed site. Even when done rapidly the practitioner uses non-touch technique and the packaging of the medical supplies as a General Aseptic Field. Once the immediate threat is controlled, the practitioner will take further steps to address infection risks to the patient.

This is not a new type of ANTT or in fact a new concept. It is simply a pragmatic way of applying Standard-ANTT or Surgical-ANTT as a medical emergency demands. We are interested in listening to your thoughts on this approach so do get in touch at

Standard-ANTT / Surgical-ANTT....

..are linear processes. (Normally performed in the same order)


..a non linear process. (Performed in an order that is possible in a medical emergency requiring immediate intervention)