ANTT Accreditation

Healthcare providers are increasingly required to demonstrate effective clinical governance to regulators and the public for the critical clinical competency of aseptic technique. For example, in the UK, the Care Quality Commission (CQC) assess organizational requirements for aseptic technique as stipulated in the Health and Social Care Act 2008 (DH 2010, 2015).

ANTT® Accreditation, overseen freely by The-Association for Safe Aseptic Practice, provides healthcare organizations with a mechanism by which to demonstrate effective clinical governance for aseptic technique, and commitment to infection prevention and patient safety. Accreditation criteria is based upon the following pre-requisites for safe and best practice: - ANTT® Policy - ANTT® Education - ANTT® Assessment - ANTT® Monitoring

Ensuring effective clinical governance for aseptic technique across large healthcare provider organizations is best not underestimated; For example, ensuring hand hygiene competency and compliance in healthcare alone has proved highly problematic and challenging for over two decades; effective aseptic technique includes hand hygiene plus a number of other critical components. Therefore, achieving robust and effective ANTT® takes times and organizational ambition. Having three levels of accreditation reflects this challenge, and enables organizations to demonstrate their commitment to patient safety from the beginning of the process and on-going.

ANTT Accreditation can be achieved for individual wards and units, individual hospitals or national organizations For further information email

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The first GOLD level National

ANTT Accreditation has been achieved by Healthcare at Home..

Healthcare at Home is one of the UK’s largest home healthcare providers. It works with all NHS trusts in the UK, providing clinical homecare to patients in the security and comfort of their own homes. Head of Clinical Services at HAH, Dawn Genders said, ‘Using ANTT enabled us to effectively standardize practice nationally and, importantly, monitor our standards effectively.’